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Dr. Hans Bartenstein, an experienced expert in legal advice as well as in economic advice, has completed law studies with a doctorate at Zurich university in Switzerland. He has been living and working in the Dominican Republic for more than 11 years. At the end of 2008 he has definitely left the Dominican Republic and is living now in Manila/Philippines All services presented in this website have been suspended


He has acquired practical knowledge and experiences in his legal advice office for international clients in Zurich providing as well translations and interpreting services in various languages and as a collaborator over many years of the department of the foreign police of the canton of Zurich (Switzerland).

In the course of internationally aligned activities in leading positions for export oriented   companies (including activities in Vietnam, the Dominican Republic and Cuba) and in an international marketing research institute he has acquired extensive knowledge and experiences in international economic/trade relations/markets as well as in internal economic structures of various countries (one of various basic conditions to provide serious and reliable  counseling in economic matters).

Consulting mandates for international clients within the last years in the fields of legal advice and economic advice as well as providing paralegal services in the Dominican Republic, Haiti and Cuba complete his above mentioned activities.


In the course of activities over many years in his office for translations and interpreting services in Zurich and as a collaborator of the department of the foreign police in Zurich for clarification of asylum applications in hearings held in various languages Dr. Bartenstein has acquired knowledge and experiences enabling him - on the one hand - to elaborate qualitatively and technically outstanding translations and - on the other hand - to provide interpreting services. He has constantly given evidence of such abilities providing translations and interpreting services to the benefit of his clients from the Dominican Republic, other Caribbean countries, the United States and several European countries.


As a department head respectively managing director of international language schools in Zurich he has acquired extensive knowledge and experiences enabling him on the basis of his sound knowledge of various languages and his own teaching experience to offer his students high standard teaching skills in personalized, custom-made, communicative and practice-oriented language courses in accordance with their needs, requirements and personal wishes and taking into account their background, personality and previous learning experiences. In the meanwhile these personalized custom-made language courses in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic have been suspended since Dr. Bartenstein definitely left the Dominican Republic at the end of 2008. All the other services presented in this website have also been suspended.


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