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Legal advice, economic advice and complementary services thereto provided are primarily directed to international investors and businessmen disposing of funds enabling them to successfully engage themselves in the Dominican Republic. In addition, my legal advice and economic advice services are also provided to foreign residents or tourists in the Dominican Republic should any legal or economic problem emerge unexpectedly requiring appropriate and reliable legal and economic advice and support.

In particular, I provide foreign persons and companies with support to immigrate resp. to establish themselves and to perform business activities in the Dominican Republic.  

Should it be necessary I provide my extensive offer of legal advice, economic advice and complementary services thereto in close cooperation with competent, reliable and trustworthy local lawyers and notaries. It includes but is not limited to the following fields:

- Support and advice in visa issues

- Support in obtaining official legalisations of documents

- Support in procuring official documents

- To procuring residence permits for foreigners

- Mediation and assistance in renting or purchase of real estate of any type

- Constitution, managing and representation of companies or personal interests

- Information, advice and support regarding the investment of funds with local or foreign banks

- Market surveys on services and products


In providing my services I strictly abide by the basic and essential principles of:

- Reliability

- Loyalty

- Privacy

- Competence

- Personal care even to non-standard needs of clients

- Execution of mandates including gathering and preparation of documents within a minimum of time and in exact accordance with the needs and requirements of the client.


Our moderate fees depend on the specific case and are freely negotiable.

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