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- mainly Spanish language courses for "Castellano" -


These personalized tailor-made language courses have beeen suspended at the end of 2008 when Dr. Bartenstein definitely left the Dominican Republic.


In my personalized tailor-made language courses in Santo Domingo I mainly teach "pure Spanish"  ("Castellano"), not the local "Dominican" Spanish, in one-to-one classes or to small groups of a maximum size of 4 students.  

In my language courses I teach in a tailor-made form in strict accordance with personal needs and wishes of my language students even taking into account their own time schedule. Personal goals and requirements of my language students are considered. My language courses provide my students with personal service and attention.

My language courses take into account the uniqueness of the background of my students, their personality and their previous learning experiences. 

My language courses capture the richness of diversity of my students rather than imposing upon them a totally pre-determined program.

Classes in a suitable and relaxed study environment on a breezy covered terrace offering a splendid view of the sea focus on the correct conversational use of the language in real life situations. Students learn to communicate effectively in both the spoken und written language. 

Students of all levels and all ages can take part in my personalized language courses in Santo Domingo, Ciudad Nueva..

Beside Spanish ("Castellano") you can learn German, English and French in personalized tailor-made classes in Santo Domingo, Ciudad Nueva - a centrally located quiet residential neighborhood in downtown Santo Domingo just a few blocks from the "Colonial Zone".

You can start with your classes whenever you wish to do so throughout the whole year. However, classes in small groups can only take place provided that a minimum of two students takes part.  


It is my main objective to achieve that my students master a sophisticated and grammatically high-standing language. It can be used in the Dominican Republic and in other Spanish-speaking countries where people often express themselves using different modes of expression and idioms.

Students are motivated to apply language structures and the vocabulary acquired in the classroom to real life situations right from the beginning thus giving them the chance to practice actively their communication skills with the Dominican people. It is easy to engage in practice conversation with the Dominican people.

As a first step in our learning program basic grammatical structures and the vocabulary are elaborated. Thereafter they are practised verbally and in writing. Finally, in reading texts and in conversational exercises they are placed into a larger connection.

Proven high standard teaching skills of a teacher experienced over many years in teaching languages ensure that in a suitable and relaxed study environment students easily acquire the ability to communicate in real life situations without grammatical mistakes.

Personalized teaching materials used during the language courses (and included into the costs) are non-standard and practice-oriented.

Since teaching is a communicative process classes are kept communicative focusing on the correct use of the language in real life situations.


The costs of a personalized tailor-made language course depend on the number of students and the intensity of classes (1 lesson lasts 60 minutes). If you e-mail  me to all details regarding a course you wish to attend I will forward you without delay all necessary information including the total costs. 

Upon successful completion of a language course my students receive a free personalized certificate of attendance - specifying details of their studies - if they wish so.

Since the end of 2008 personalized tailor-made language courses in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic have been suspended because I have definitely left this country. I am currently  living in Manila in the Philippines.


Budget accommodation in Santo Domingo, Ciudad Nueva


If you wish so I can also provide you with a centrally located and nearby accommodation in Santo Domingo in accordance with your needs and wishes.

Santo Domingo is a typical Caribbean metropolis. For language students who want to combine their Spanish language studies with acquiring a deeper insight into Dominican culture and every day life Santo Domingo with its historical monuments and buildings is an excellent choice.  

You can rent a simply furnished budget studio (disposing of cooking facilities and cable TV) in a centrally located aparthotel in Ciudad Nueva for a monthly rent of the equivalent of 240 USD in local currency (RD Pesos) including the costs for electricity, cold water and cable TV. presents this aparthotel under Swiss management in Santo Domingo, Ciudad Nueva and its budget studios. It supplies detailed information on these studios on its page "Information on Studios". 

Should you need any additional information on these budget studios or be interested in renting one while you are staying in Santo Domingo please mail to or call 001 809 685 32 64. Detailed additional information you may require will be forwarded to you without any delay. details on its page "Language courses" my personalized tailor-made language courses in Santo Domingo, mainly my tailor-made Spanish language courses.

For any additional information on my personalized tailor-made language courses please mail me to . 

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